Denver Wrongful Discharge

The phrase is a mouthful: wrongful discharge in violation of public policy. The charge is leveled against employers who respond to employees who inform on illegal activities by firing them. Employers, perhaps imagining that they can fire any employee at will, terminate whistleblowers. Thus they wrongfully discharge the whistleblowing employee.

Help Is on the Way for Whistleblowers Who Have Been Fired

If you have passed on information of dangerous or fraudulent activity within your company, and your company responded by cutting you loose, a legal remedy is available to you in the form of a lawsuit. At the Employment Law Office of Colorado, our employment attorneys file suits against companies that retaliate against informants.

Wrongful discharge is not the only unlawful action employers take. Discriminating against informants in any way — denying promotion, exiling the whistleblower to another job or location as punishment, or any act of intimidation or harassment that creates a hostile work environment, is explicitly forbidden by law. If you feel you have been terminated, discriminated against or harassed because you informed against your employer, contact the Employment Law Office of Colorado. A brief conversation will tell if you have a strong case against your wrongful termination.

Varieties of Wage Theft

Wage theft sounds straightforward, but the circumstances are complex and errors by management are common:

  • A worker leaves a job and is not compensated for unused vacation time.
  • Workers are wrongly classified as contract workers, resulting in underpayment.
  • Line supervisors are wrongly told they are exempt from overtime pay.
  • Employers can’t pay for overtime with comp time — time off at a later date.
  • Management is sometimes vague about the hours workers are to put in, resulting in free overtime.
  • Restaurant owners should not mandate tip-pooling with all workers.
  • Misunderstandings about salaries and sales commissions abound.
  • Time clocks illegally shave off increments of time to the employer’s advantage.

Aggressive Denver Wage Theft Attorney

Businesses in Denver can be expected to cut corners whenever money is involved. But that is why FLSA and other wage laws exist, to correct the imbalance between workers and employers.

Fighting for Your Employee Rights

Our attorneys have mastered employment law at every level, on paper, in the courtroom, and in the workplace where abuses occur every day.

Contact employment lawyers and describe your situation. We can advise you on the strength of your case and your options in seeking compensation.

Are you engaged in a wage dispute at work? For help contact Denver wage dispute attorneys at the Employment Law Office of Colorado.