Denver Whistleblower Attorney

Honesty is a virtue, but it can get you into trouble on the job.

Individuals who have witnessed improper behavior in the workplace and report it are often subjected to every kind of punishment: wrongful termination, demotion, punitive transfers, threats, intimidation, bullying, shunning, ostracism and unfair evaluations.

The good news is that state and federal whistleblower laws are designed to protect honest workers from these kinds of retaliation.

Vigilant Colorado Retaliation Attorney

Whistleblower attorneys at the Employment Law Offices of Colorado represents persons who go public with stories of corruption. We work with whistleblower clients both prior to reporting misconduct and afterward, protecting them from illegal retaliation.

What Kinds of Actions Constitute Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing refers to any reporting of corrupt, criminal or unlawful practices, including fraudulent billing, bribery, insider manipulation, price-fixing or outright customer deception. These are just some whistleblowing cases lawyer the Employment Law Offices of Colorado has been part of:

  • Revealing fraud against the state or U.S. government
  • Reporting any other kind of criminal activity
  • Reporting significant compliance failures
  • Refusing to take part in illegal activities yourself
  • Reporting environmental misdeeds
  • Reporting instances of employee discrimination

Successful Experience Pursuing False Claims Act Cases

If the misconduct involved defrauding U.S. taxpayers, we can represent you in a False Claims Act lawsuit, where you could end up claiming a substantial portion of recovered monies.

The False Claims Act, the Dodd-Frank Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act and the Notification and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation (No FEAR) Act protect federal government workers who report fraud or other illegal acts and, in some cases, provide significant rewards. Workers in the private sector who report infractions also have limited protections.

Call the Employment Law Offices of Colorado and describe your case. We will tell you if the federal or state whistleblower protections act will apply to you. If you have a case, he will describe your options and possible remedies. Are you being punished for telling the truth? For help call Denver whistleblower attorneys.