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Two different behaviors come under the term sexual harassment in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The first is unwanted attention of a sexual nature.

Illegally Fired for Not Submitting to the Boss

These situations create a work environment that is hostile:

  • Sexual innuendo
  • Sexual jokes
  • Sexual remarks
  • Over-attention to your appearance
  • Derogatory comments
  • Touching
  • Coming on to you
  • Firing you after coming on to you
  • Quid pro quo, offering employment opportunities in exchange for sexual favors

The other kind of sexual harassment is gender discrimination. This includes:

  • Paying a woman less than a man for the same kind of work
  • Discrimination in hiring and promotion
  • Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy

Experienced Colorado Gender Discrimination Attorney

Of the two types, the first is usually an easier case to make. Employees who can show that the workplace conduct was hostile to them and that they did not invite or consent to any of the abuse they received may sue for lost wages, emotional distress and attorney fees. In addition, employers may face punitive damages.

At the Employment Law Office of Colorado, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in cases of sexual harassment. In a matter as important as an accusation of abuse, you want a lawyer who knows the law backward and forward.

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