Denver Retaliatory Discharge

Did Your Firing Violate Laws Against Wrongful Discharge?

A firing or layoff from your job is almost always cause for considerable worry and distress. In some cases — even in an “employment at will” state such as Colorado — employers overstep their boundaries and take illegal action out of anger, revenge, or the desire to protect the company from sanctions and penalties.

Our experienced employment lawyers are well prepared to assess your case if you believe you were wrongfully discharged or otherwise mistreated because, for example, you:

  • Reported illegal activity being perpetrated by your company, its management or employees — ranging from fraudulent financial maneuvers to endangering customers or violating environmental laws
  • Filed a valid complaint due to sexual harassment or employment discrimination against a member of a protected class

Proven, Dependable Knowledge of State and Federal Employment Laws

A range of federal and Colorado statutes are in place to protect employees who act legally themselves but are victimized by unfair treatment or wrongful discharge. In addition to federal anti-discrimination laws, you may have state-level protection under industry-specific laws passed in recent years.

We understand that many factors may enter into your decision to either take legal action or move on after a retaliatory discharge or other wrongful termination. The first step is to consult a trial-proven, focused employment attorney who will:

  • Ask the right questions to determine whether your former employer may have violated employment laws
  • Help you understand what risks and costs may be involved in taking action against a former employer for wrongful retaliatory discharge
  • Be prepared to investigate thoroughly and take decisive action on your behalf if we agree that you have a valid claim

Talk to an Experienced Employment Attorney for the Guidance You Need

Most wrongful retaliatory discharge cases are complex and vigorously defended by companies with substantial legal and financial resources. It can be essential to work with a lawyer who has tried and won numerous cases against powerful opponents. To take the first step in your quest for justice and fair compensation, please call our Denver-based law firm for a free consultation.