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A continuing challenge of employment law is ensuring that workers are paid what they were promised. The federal law governing this principle is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The common phrase for employers devising ways to avoid paying their employees the full amount they are owed is wage theft.

Varieties of Wage Theft

Wage theft sounds straightforward, but the circumstances are complex and errors by management are common:

  • A worker leaves a job and is not compensated for unused vacation time.
  • Workers are wrongly classified as contract workers, resulting in underpayment.
  • Line supervisors are wrongly told they are exempt from overtime pay.
  • Employers can’t pay for overtime with comp time — time off at a later date.
  • Management is sometimes vague about the hours workers are to put in, resulting in free overtime.
  • Restaurant owners should not mandate tip-pooling with all workers.
  • Misunderstandings about salaries and sales commissions abound.
  • Time clocks illegally shave off increments of time to the employer’s advantage.

Aggressive Denver Wage Theft Attorney

Businesses in Denver can be expected to cut corners whenever money is involved. But that is why FLSA and other wage laws exist, to correct the imbalance between workers and employers.

Fighting for Your Employee Rights

Robert Liechty has mastered employment law at every level, on paper, in the courtroom, and in the workplace where abuses occur every day.
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