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Qui tam is a phrase from medieval law promising a reward to anyone who helps the king. Today, qui tam is the same thing as whistleblower. In a qui tam case, the whistleblower is rewarded by the government with a portion of the spoils.
A qui tam case is a case in which an informant tells the government about misconduct, and shares in any money collected as a result.

At Robert M. Liechty, PC, Denver’s qui tam attorney Robert Liechty manages qui tam lawsuits and cases that have netted millions of dollars for the government and for his clients.

Where Whistleblowers Come From

Informants come from nearly every industry: hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, construction companies, student lenders and companies that contract with FEMA, NASA and the DOD — anyone who does business with the government and may be cheating, bribing, offering kickbacks, taking kickbacks, upcoding, defrauding, overbilling, or just stealing.

Successful Colorado False Claims Act Attorney

Robert Liechty is an experienced qui tam lawyer who takes fraud cases and pursues them in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice.
It’s not easy to be a whistleblower. People who used to be your friends will be angry at you. But you do get three things:

  • The satisfaction that you are doing the right thing and saving taxpayers money
  • The satisfaction of interrupting a crime in progress
  • The financial reward of a portion of the money paid to the government, which often tops $1 million

Employer Wrongs and Employee Rights

If you have witnessed fraud against the U.S. government or any other governmental entity, we urge you to contact Denver’s qui tam attorney Robert Liechty. Attorney Liechty will analyze your case to determine its strength.
Have you been a witness to fraud against U.S. taxpayers? Call Denver qui tam attorney Robert Liechty at 303-333-4122.

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