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Denver Partnership Dispute Lawyer
Partnership breakups can be brutal. In addition to personal acrimony between people who once were friends, damage is done to reputations, to customer opinions, and to the ability of all partners to make a living. Unhappy partners start using dangerous phrases like breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation of funds. As tempers flare, the cost of litigation rises.
That’s why it’s important, when the life of a business partnership nears its end, to break up purposefully and rationally. It is the difference between a good divorce and a really bad one.

Assisting in Litigation, Buyout and Restructuring
Attorney Robert Liechty represents partners seeking to quit the partnership with a minimum of destruction. He takes part in litigation and the business of negotiating buyouts and restructuring actions that are acceptable to all sides. He has the business skills to analyze complex ownership issues and the people skills to negotiate sensible solutions for all sides.
Serving Architects, Doctors, Lawyers and Other Professionals
Many partnerships are loosely organized with no written partnership agreement to govern the relationship. In these kinds of loosely formed partnerships, all partners are liable for the debts of the group. Sometimes these “friendly” partnerships are the most unfriendly at the end, and they require great care and deliberation to dissolve.
Colorado Partnership Litigation Attorney
Effective representation in a partnership dispute or breakup is essential to preserving a partner’s equity and the rights to share in profits as well as to avoid personal liability for partnership debts. Robert Liechty has extensive experience in partnership breakups and buyouts, disputes over partnership business and disputes regarding a partner’s share in partnership profits.
Partnership heading for the rocks? For a soft landing call Denver partnership dispute lawyer Robert Liechty at (303) 830-0500.

Robert M. Liechty

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